Skills Development

Our coaches bring centuries of combined experience in professional soccer coaching and playing. They are thought leaders and innovative thinkers.  Our on-field training program is proven effective.  It will expose your potential and elevate your game to its highest level.  We will lead you become the best possible version of you.  As with any worthy goal, successful development as a player is in direct proportion to the effort and desire you bring. You will need to be a whole player showing skill, heart, and intelligence … come find out how.

Professional Exposure

Our pathway leads to professional opportunities.  To seize them, you need to play … a lot.  You need to be seen by the right coaches and scouts at the right time.  We take luck out of the equation and create opportunities and circumstances to effectively showcase your game.  Professional success also means traveling abroad to compete in unfamiliar conditions.  We have vital domestic and international partnerships, which means you can experience extended seasons of play in Europe, South America, and soccer hot spots in the USA.

Degree Earning

Professional player or not … you need an education.  Higher education is the only way for you to prepare for the future.  Our training regimen contemplates diligent study and work towards a college degree.  We dedication time to it every day and make it sticky.  It’s not negotiable.  To play with is to study with us.  Our prime education partner, Purdue University Global, offers over 170 online degree pathways including Sports Management.  And we have other partners.  Keep in mind that universities provide access to financial aid.

And Off the Field!

On the Field!

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 Upload a highlight reel our coaches can review then set up a call with one of our coaches to review your film together. Next register and join an Info Session with our education partner, Purdue University Global. Here you will start the discussion about your education pathway. Accompanied by an FAQ with both Soccer Universities and Purdue University Global.

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