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Position Specific Training

Every player will be assessed on the PST Program

The Players Portal

Each players receives there very own Players Portal. Then we enter the Players base information into the Players Portal based on International Testing Platforms, this in turn allows us to use this for future testing results to measure the players performance.

From there we evaluate the player on a weekly basis as this records the performance of player over the course of the season or time with us. 

Each Players Portal allows us to create a Position Specific Training Program for every player that is with our our system.

Player Portal with Highlights, Stats and Photos

Real-Time Evaluation Program (RTE)

The Self Analysis Player Performance Wheel

Player Specific Training (PST)

The PST was developed to create a program that gives the player instant feedback through coaches evaluation and through our video component this to compliments the coaches evaluation.

Some of the areas of the International Testing Platforms.

You Provide the Performance and we provide the Results.

Speed & Agility

Soccer is characterized by brief periods of intense activity followed by short periods of active or passive recovery. Therefore it is essential that players must be able to perform these intense tasks repeatedly and to a maximal ability. There are several methods which can be used to determine the acceleration, maximal speed and speed endurance of athletes.

Testing Speed

The range of spirit distances recorded during games is form 1.6 Yards – 155Y, the average being 19Y. Around 96% of all sprints performed throughout a game are less than 30Y with almost 50% of recorded sprints being less than 10Y. Each sprint lasts an average of 6 seconds and occur around every 90 seconds. This indicates the requirements of acceleration, maximal speed & speed endurance. EXP2 will provide valid measures for each.

Fatigue Index & Performance Decrement

A Fatigue Index can then be created determine the speed endurance of the athletes. This is determined by calculating the difference between the best of the first two attempts and the worst of the last two attempts. E.g

This Program is not only Player Centric it is Experiential there is no where else in the World where you can get this level of Coaching, Training and Playing Experience

This program can be kept private between you and the coach or can be viewed from anywhere in the world by anyone you want to through the Internet and can be useful as a Recruitment Tool as well as a Tool for Player Development.

Fatigue Index: 3.85-3.39 = 0.46

The lower the Fatigue Index score is the greater levels of speed endurance ability (the ability to recover rapidly between high intensity bouts of sprinting). The reported mean Fatigue Index for national level collegiate athletes is 0.415. Furthermore this information can also be used to calculate a performance decrement percentage. The sum of total times (3.30 + 3.43 + 3.51 + 3.72 + 3.85) divided by the last best possible total time (3.39 x 6) minus 1, multiplied by 100 = (21.5/20.34 – 1) 100 = 5.703%. A mean performance decrement of approximately 5% has been found in professional youth team player aged 16-18.

Skill Index

The skill index refers to a players ability to travel quickly both with and without the ball through a pre determined agility course. The table below shows the result of an agility run both with and without the ball.