Player Agreement and Information Disclosure


    This PLAYER AGREEMENT and INFORMATION DISCLOSURE (the “Agreement”) is made this
    day of 202 by and between ,
    (“Player” or you), your parents or guardian, and Sporting University, LLC (“SU” or us) for the
    purpose of including you on a Soccer Universities’ squad for a Program Year starting with the
    Term beginning 202 (the Start Date).


      A. SU combines two educational pathways into one outcome for aspiring professional
      athletes. Our intention is to (i) train and develop your technical abilities, (i) expose you
      to professional opportunities both at home and abroad, and (iii) facilitate and mentor
      you to earn an online degree from our university partner.

      B. Players selected for our program have advanced soccer technical ability as determined
      by a film review and coach’s interview. With that baseline, our selection turns on a
      Player’s (i) willingness to learn and be coached, (ii) commitment to both educational
      pathways, and (iii) work and team ethic.

      C. SU desires to be engaged as coach to support your advancement on the two
      educational pathways. Player desires to join an SU soccer squad and participate in SU’s
      pre-professional soccer program as defined in this Agreement.

    Now, therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants made herein and other
    good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which the parties acknowledge,
    SU and Player agree as follows:


      1. Program Information and Disclosure
      We provide Players with a soccer-forward education by integrating two pathways with
      one objective: Preparing Players as professionals on and off the soccer field. The
      features of our program are:

        a. A Program Year in Four Terms: We operate 40-weeks per year (a “Program Year”)
        organized into 4 terms (the Terms) that begin in January, June, August, and
        November, respectively. The term of this Agreement is one for Program Year
        beginning with the Term you are admitted into the program (the “Start Date” first
        noted above) as provided for in Section 4 Term and Termination.

        b. A Flexible Three-year Program: Our program is designed to be delivered in three
        consecutive Program Years. However, as players advance through our technical
        curriculum, next step opportunities often arise. We build in flexibility to allow
        Players to pursue such next steps should they be offered. As such, we enter into
        successive annual agreements or extensions with Players, each for one Program
        Year as defined in Section 4, Term and Termination.

        c. Domestic and International Opportunities: Our hub and spoke travel strategy
        allows Players to gain soccer experience in diverse locations. Travel to international
        soccer destinations is wholly dependent upon (i) a Player’s desire to experience
        Terms abroad when offered, (ii) ensuring the health and safety of our Players and
        staff, (iii) availability of locations with facilities that meet our standards, and (iv)
        pricing of facilities that allows us to offer international experiences within our
        budget and pricing models. In any event, the same intensive pre-professional
        training and university studies occur each Term without regard for location.

        d. Pre-season Training: A Player’s first Term in each Program Year is a pre-season with
        emphasis on strength and conditioning, injury avoidance, and learning our tactical
        approach. While competition might be a part of pre-season, it is not the emphasis.

        e. Technical Curriculum: Each Term has a training objective based on (i) our
        curriculum, (ii) unique opportunities that might be available in the location of play
        that Term, and (iii) the technical strengths of the coaching staff that is teaching that
        Term and in that location. Coaching staff will monitor progress and communicate
        with you about your mastery of the technical curriculum. SU reserves the right in the
        exercise of its sole discretion to make changes to the technical curriculum.

        f. University Studies: Our prime education partner is Purdue University Global, which
        operates on the same 10-week term schedule. We also have other university
        partners for those Players seeking particular courses of study not offered by Purdue
        Global. We dedicate time in our training schedule for classwork and mentor and
        encourage Players to earn their online degree. We note for emphasis that a Player’s
        higher education is governed by an enrollment agreement with the university and is
        not covered by this Agreement.

      2. Fees and Expenses

      Our fees and expenses arising from this Agreement are:

        a. Program Fee: Our fee for a Program Year is $27,500 per Player, which includes:

        • On-field coaching, training and games,
        • Living Accommodations in team quarters including wifi connections, TV, and
          laundry facilities,
        • Three Meals per day and healthy snacks specified to support Player’s
          intensive athletic training program,
        • Transportation from living quarters to training facility and games,
        • Access to Training and Medical Support though sports medicine
          practitioners and trainers in each location, subject to the health insurance
          requirement set forth below,
        • All Team Equipment needed to deliver our technical curriculum and on-field
          competition, and
        • Environment Conducive to Study in either the living quarters or training
          facility to promote university quality work by our Players.

        b. Uniforms and Training Kit: You will be responsible to purchase your training kit.
        Please see Attachment A for a list of items included in the kit and optional swag that
        you and others may desire to purchase from Sporting University’s online store. We
        will inform you when the online store is open and give further instructions about
        how to buy your kit and other items you or others may want to purchase.

        • Player Training Kit: $354
        • Goalkeeper Kit: $360

        c. Miscellaneous Expenses: In certain locations there are enhancements available for
        Players like health club memberships, swimming pools, or off-site study carrels that
        Players may opt into. We will simply disclose the option and pass through any fees
        to the interested Players.

        d. Health Insurance: The expense of any medical treatment a Player needs (as
        opposed to routine on-field training support) will be your responsibility:

        • In Full while training in a domestic U.S. location, and
        • Supplemented by travel insurance packages that we purchase for Terms in
          international locations.

        We reserve the right to require proof of health insurance from you.

        e. Expenses Not Included: Any cost or expense not expressly provided for in this
        Agreement is Player’s responsibility. We note for emphasis and without limitation:

        • Travel To and From the location in which you will be playing for that Term is
          your responsibility, including international travel, and
        • Higher Education costs and expenses are your responsibility and not
          provided for in this Agreement.

        3. Payment and Payment Options

        For your convenience, we have provided a payment portal on our website. All
        payments are to be made in advance of the period for which payment is being made.
        We offer the following payment options and conditions:

          a. Full Program Year – 10% Discount: $24,750 onetime payment received no later
          than five business days prior to Player’s Start Date, or

          b. Full Term Payment – 5% Discount: $6,530 onetime payment each Term received no
          later than five business days prior to the start of the then upcoming Term, or

          c. Monthly Payments Over a Full Year: $2,292 per month, due on the first of each
          month beginning with the Start Date and ending 12 months later. We remind you
          that our Program Year is 40-weeks in duration and the Monthly Payment option
          requires payments during the 12-weeks of the year that you are not on the field.

          d. Receipt of Other Payments: We note that some Players and their families will take
          advantage of student loan options including a Direct Parent PLUS Loan. In that
          eventuality, we may receive funding directly from our university partner and will
          credit your account from the day we receive such payment.

          e. Payment in Full: We require payment in full before a Player commences another
          Program Year as set forth in Section 4 Term and Termination.

        4. Term and Termination

          a. Term: The term of this Agreement is one Program Year beginning on the Start
          Date. For clarity, a Program Year is made up of four 10-week Terms that begin in
          January, June, August, and November of each calendar year.

          b. Two Extension Terms: You may extend the term of the Agreement twice, each for
          one additional Program Year (i) once on the first anniversary of the Start Date, and
          (ii) again on the second anniversary of the Start Date. Extension terms are subject

          • Payment for the then current term having been made in full,
          • A Coaching Endorsement received from the head coach of your then current
            squad, and
          • Notification in Writing of your intention to extend the term received by us no
            later than the last day of the final Term in the then current Program Year.

          c. Player Termination Rights: You may terminate this Agreement for any reason, or for
          no reason, at the end of any Term during the Program Year. In the event of such
          Termination, you will be:

          • Responsible for payment through the end of the then current Term, or
          • Entitled to a Refund that will be prorated to the last day of the then current
            Term in the event you prepaid for the Program Year or Term. Refunds will
            be calculated before the 10% or 5% discount.

          d. Our Termination Rights: We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement:

          • For Non-payment by giving you written notice of our intention to cancel for
            non-payment and granting you a 30-day cure period to bring payment
            current that tolls from the date of our notice. After notice and expiration of
            the cure period, this Agreement will terminate without further action.
          • For Cause, which is defined as any activity that is (i) illegal, (ii) unethical,
            abusive, or prejudicial, and/or (iii) detrimental to the health, safety and
            success of the squad, in our discretion. A termination for cause will result in
            your immediate dismissal without absolving you from payment through the
            end of the then current Term.

        5. Miscellaneous

          a. Notice: All notices, demands or other communications given will be in writing and
          deemed delivered (i) by delivery (or refusal to accept delivery) by messenger or
          delivery service, or (b) the third business day following mailing by certified mail,
          postage prepaid, at a U.S. Post Office, addressed as indicated below.
          In the alternative, Player and SU agree to accept notice by electronic delivery or
          email and agree that such notice will be deemed received upon (i) the message
          entering the recipient’s email server, or (ii) sender receiving an automated message
          confirming delivery, whichever is first.

        To Player:

        With Copy to Parent of Guardian:

        To Sporting University:
        Keith Coe
        4158 Auston Way
        Palm Harbor, FL 34685

        b. Entire Agreement and Enforcement This Agreement contains the entire agreement
        of the parties relating to the business transaction and services contemplated herein
        and all prior or contemporaneous agreements, understandings, representations and
        statements, oral or written, are merged herein. No modification, waiver,
        amendment, discharge or change of this Agreement is valid unless in writing and
        signed by the parties. The Agreement will be construed and enforced in accordance
        with the laws of the State of Florida.
        c. Indemnity: We hereby release one another and hold each other harmless from any
        injury, damage, or liability, including attorney’s fees, arising from this Agreement
        except for those occurring from either party’s gross negligence or willful inaction or
        In Witness Whereof, this Agreement has been executed as of the date first written above.

        Player’s Parent or Guardian

        Sporting University, LLC


        Player Agreement and
        Information Disclosure


        1. Player Kit Detail:
        a. Game Day:

        • 1 home kit
        • 1 away kit

        b. Training:

        • 3 custom training jerseys
        • 1 stock jersey
        • 3 stock shorts
        • 3 stock sock pairs

        c. Other Items:

        • 1 quarter zip top
        • 1 Maxum pant
        • 1 custom polo
        • 1 field bag

        d. Goalkeeper:

        • Same as above with goalkeeper appropriate jerseys

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