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What is a Dual Pathway program?

The Dual Pathway program guides you through your education while continuing to develop as a professional soccer player.

What makes Soccer Universities Unique?

Whether you are a player from the US or abroad, Soccer Universities provides an education program catered to your needs, accessible from a variety of locations.

Is it true that Soccer Universities has multiple locations?

Yes, and we continue to grow. We currently operate in the US and Spain; Brazil, Portugal, and the United Kingdom are scheduled to be online in 2021.

If I’m enrolled and receive a scholarship offer from another university or an offer from a professional team, can I take it?

The short answer is yes! We want our SU players to receive such offers. This platform was created for you to get the experience, competition, and exposure that generates new opportunities and possibilities.

Are loans or financing available?

Various financial aid packages are available, just like any traditional college or university.

Is it possible to take a year off from the education component and focus on soccer?

In rare cases, we will consider taking on non-students to meet specific needs of certain squads, but in general, we suggest that you take at least six credits and continue with your education.

Is this a very expensive program?

You’ll find that the program is both inexpensive and an incredible value. Pricing is similar to a good private school and considerably less than most college programs.

Are Soccer Scholarships still available for the graduating class of 2020?

Yes! Over $600,000 is still available for the first 24 eligible players, split equally between Harrisburg and Soccer Universities.

What if Harrisburg University does not have the course that I want to take?

Not a problem! We have partnered with several other universities and programs to ensure all students have access to the courses they want to take.

Can I choose the location I go to first?

Players are placed in the location that our coaches and staff feel will best accelerate their development.

Does the program cost the same for international and domestic students?

The overall program cost is the same based on 12 credits per semester, but there are some scholarship programs for which only US students qualify.

What is included in the program?

All of the following and much, much more:

  • Degree (based on 24 credits per semester).
  • Professional coaching and training services.
  • Weekly training and games, approximately 15-20 hours per week.
  • Shared accommodations, two per bedroom.
  • 3 meals a day (sporting diet) and accommodations in all foreign countries.
  • All training equipment (training, shirts, shorts socks, rain jacket, travel suit, polos, bags, etc.).
What is not included?

The following:

  • Flights to destinations.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Food while in the USA.
  • School books and supplies.
  • Players’ boots.


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