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The most important step is the first one!

Fill out this simple application below, and one of our elite coaching staff members will reach out to you shortly. From there, we’ll typically conduct an interview and further evaluation as necessary. We’re excited to meet you!

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Read the next steps below to learn about our acceptance process.



The first step was for us to find you & if you are reading this then we are on our way. Now simply answer a few “free” Apply Now questions & submit. Then click & schedule a meeting with a coach for this upcoming week.  Invite anyone you wish & bring on the questions!


Acceptance to the program is based on your soccer credentials and potential, our interview and references. We ask that you send your highlight tape or give us a soccer reference (club or hs coach).  You can research us on the web, facebook, youtube etc…


If both sides (you and SU) believe that we can be a good match then we set up another call with a parent to help you all fully understand the strengths of our program & and the commitment we expect from you.  We can talk about the education, study abroad and financial aspects of joining SU as well as the Next Steps.


Your acceptance is confirmed through an email from our CEO Matt Driver, welcoming you to the Soccer Universities family & program for July 2022. 


We encourage you to also consider your academic goals. You and your parent(s) are invited to sit in on a Purdue University Global & SU online information chat held every second week.  Do your research of Purdue University Global using the found on the home page of

Apply to Purdue Global – it is free & easy – Apply at

Set up your account & send in your transcripts.  For phone enquiries to Purdue Global use: 877-560-6780.  For those students who choose to apply to Purdue Global, financial aid is available for your education. The cost for Soccer Universities is separate.


Start classes in the fall. Purdue Global offers 3 weeks as a free trial with no financial obligation for first time undergraduate students.  We encourage you to take advantage of this offer. The expected start date for the fall is August 3rd but we offer additional rolling start dates.


SU requires a non refundable deposit – $500 due April 30, 2022 & an additional deposit of $2,000 due June 1st. Click here to pay Payment Portal In addition sign & return the Soccer Universities Player Agreement form.


SU students are required to have a physical after June 1st & prior to the start date of training July 6th.  Ensure you have a valid passport through January 2023 & understand the visa requirements for the Fall travel.  Please check in for current Covid-19 regulations and requirements for both home & overseas. Additional pre-arrival information, media information form is provided early June.

Once the steps above are complete, you’ll be ready to proceed with the next steps of the college application process!

  1. Apply for Admission to Purdue University through the application on the Soccer Universities website on our education partners page.
  2. While waiting for your admission application to process, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  
  3. Receive your acceptance decision from PU and merit scholarship offer from Admissions
  4. When your FAFSA along with your acceptance is received by Financial Aid, you will receive a financial aid award package from PU Financial Aid.
  5. If your FAFSA has been selected by the federal processor for verification, you will receive an estimated financial aid award letter along with a request for needed documentation.  Complete verification successfully and move to step #6.  If your FAFSA was not selected for verification, you will move immediately to step #6.
  6. Receive the FINAL financial aid award package from PU.  This package will contain all financial aid that can be awarded upfront.  Aid such as HU scholarships/grants, federal grants, state grants, and federal direct student loans.
  7. Review your financial aid award package and assess what your estimated cost is going to be.  There will be documentation included with the award package to help you assess this estimated cost.  Contact financial aid office for assistance if needed.
  8. Once you know your estimated cost, decide if this will be paid for out of pocket or if you need to apply for additional loan funding.  Again there will be documentation included with your award package to help you with this.  Contact financial aid office for assistance if needed.
  9. Apply for additional loan funding if needed (Parent PLUS or private loans).  If loan funding not needed, pay your fall bill or set up monthly payment plan with the Business Office in August.
  10.  Complete any additional requirements needed before classes start in fall.  This could include required processes for your student loans (Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling), and your Pennsylvania State Grant Application if you are from PA.
  11.  Start classes in the fall.  It is essential to have every single step above complete before arriving on campus.

The last thing, for now, this is not for everyone, this is a very unique opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches in the game and you are also getting an education in some cases for less than you would pay for a full-time education at a private school.


We expect professionalism at all times in all ways! even from the application and communication stages so please if you are considering an opportunity for placement with us be professional you never know who is watching